15 Things to Know Before You Go to an RV Show

Here are 15 Things to Know Before You Go to an RV Show: RV shows are always
the highlight of your camping adventures, but they can be overwhelming! With so many
people to chat with, sights to see, and RVs and campers of all shapes and sizes to
check out, how do you know what to tackle first?
To help you make the absolute most of your experience at an RV show, we’ve got
some great advice. So get ready—it’s time to party!
15 Things to Know Before You Go to an RV Show

  1. Check the Show Details Online
    Don’t forget to check out the show’s website at least a week before; it’s your ticket to
    showing up knowing exactly what’s going down. You’ll find all the essential information,
    from entry requirements, parking rates, and store hours to whatever else you need to
    know. That way, when you get there, everything will be a breeze, and you can just chill
    out, stress-free! You can find a comprehensive list of RV shows online.
  2. Plan Ahead
    The size of these shows really runs the gamut—think outdoor RV shows on a grand
    scale. Before hitting up the show, make sure your kicks can walk the walk all day long!
    Pick up a show map at the door or on their website, then highlight all those places that
    catch your eye. Map out a plan of attack so that when it’s time to check out, you don’t
    miss anything important and end up feeling worse for wear.
  3. Bring Supply
    Make sure you come prepared with all the supplies! You have got to have ’em if you
    want to get the job done! So don’t forget to grab anything else you need before heading
    The key is to take notes. Grab a notepad or whip out your phone and jot down pricing,
    features, and the salesperson’s name. Don’t forget some pens, just in case you enter a
    contest while there. Oooh, don’t forget your shopping bag either; there will be plenty of
    freebies, brochures, and samples to bring home with you for sure!
  4. Get There Early!
    Get there early, and you’ll have the perfect day—no rush, no stress, no crowds! Beat
    the throng and start your day off in style. It’ll be quite a relief to just sit back, take it easy,
    and enjoy the vibes!
    Hey, here’s a pro tip for you: get to your seminars and presentations at least 10 minutes
    before they start. Time flies, and those seats will fill up in the blink of an eye! So don’t be
    late, or you’ll miss out!
  5. Choose the Type of Show
    Before heading to an RV show, you’ve got to lock down one super crucial piece of
    information: have your goals set before venturing out! Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a
    little daydreaming or browsing if you’re an avid camper, and while some are ready to
    make a huge purchase on the spot, it pays to know where you stand before aimlessly
    wandering around or making an impulsively large commitment that might not be right for
  6. Ask Questions
    At camp shows, campers can really learn a lot from each other. It’s the perfect place to
    soak up some real insight, compare notes from popular RV movies, and hear some

wild tales from the road. There are even cooking demonstration rooms if you’re looking
to try something new or whip up your favorite campfire treat. Check it out!

  1. Engage with Fellow Campers
    Attending a camper and RV show is an awesome opportunity to chat with
    manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. Don’t hold back; this friendly atmosphere is
    perfect for asking all the questions you have and picking up all the information you need
    to make the right choice when it comes to camping! Strike while the iron’s hot; don’t
    hesitate or wait for another second.
  2. Create a Meal Plan
    Why not create a meal plan? It’ll make life so much easier—just figure out what you
    want to eat for the week, and voilà, done and dusted! No more racking your brains over
    what to cook every day. Plus, it gives you something else to look forward to at
  3. Enter for a Chance to Win!
    Retailers really know how to sweeten the deal; candy and pens are usually freebies, but
    they’ve been dishing out some major prize packages lately, including RV parts,
    services, and even nights on them. Talk about a win-win!
    If you enter a contest, don’t be surprised if you start receiving emails and physical mail
    from the sponsoring firm. Usually, it’s no sweat to opt out—just a few quick steps!
  4. Bring Your Family
    Hey parents! Get your kiddos involved in some of the fun-filled entertainment at the RV
    and camping show! You know they’ll be just as excited about the upcoming camping trip
    as you are. There’s something for everyone: art projects, games, face painting—even a
    rock wall if that’s their jam. Don’t miss out on all the family-friendly activities these
    events have to offer! Seriously, there’s no shortage of ways to keep them busy.
  5. Don’t Rush into Buying Anything
    Don’t go out and buy the first thing you lay eyes on! Mark potential purchases on your
    trusty map, and then swing back to make the transaction. Hey, it pays to double-check
    your decisions; it could help you save a packet! So go ahead and peruse all the options
    before taking the plunge; this way, you can be sure that your money is well spent.
  6. Use Pre-Sale Tickets
    Pre-sale tickets are a real bargain! You’ll save a bundle when you buy ahead of time,
    and it’s well worth it. Who knows? You might even get in for free if you’re lucky! So don’t
    hesitate: get your pre-sale tickets now and put some extra change back in your pocket.
    Plus, don’t forget that discounts for veterans, active duty personnel, and emergency
    personnel are often available!
  7. Dress Accordingly
    Before hitting the road for the RV show, it’s a wise move to check the forecast; some of
    the events are inside while others are outside. Hey, better be safe than sorry! We don’t
    want any rain to ruin a perfect day. Don’t forget to load up the car with everything you
    need; there’s no sense in having too many regrets! Let’s make this a getaway we won’t
    soon forget.
  8. Allocate a Budget
    Before you even set foot inside the RV show, make sure you’ve set yourself a firm
    spending limit—not just on that luxurious new RV you’ve had your eye on, but don’t
    forget about fuel, food, and all those little extras. It’s best to only use one credit card too;
    there’s no room for costly overruns with that kind of strategy!
  9. Prepare Your Daypack
    It’s a must that you and everyone in your group bring a daypack to the RV show, so
    don’t skip on this requirement! Don’t bother bringing just a purse; if you want to get the
    most from your time there, make sure you pack a small bag. After all, it always comes in

handy. Store whatever essentials you need (and even throw in an extra layer of
clothing!) along with a hydration bladder. Who knows? It might just come to your rescue!

  1. How do I prepare for an RV show?
    Slip on some shoes you can strut your stuff in all day, and layer up with pieces you can
    easily add or subtract for RV shows. It may sound like basic hiking advice, but having
    the right gear makes all the difference and can make your outing a real blast!
  2. What’s the perfect day for an RV show?
    Weekdays are the best time to check out an RV show; we get that not everyone can
    take leave from work to do so. There ain’t nobody around, which means less waiting in
    line just to peep at the recreational vehicles, stuff your face at the food stands, or
    window shop at vendor booths.
  3. What is RV etiquette?
    RV park etiquette is the expected behavior for vacationers, and it’s simple. When we’re
    crammed together in these parks, let’s follow some basic guidelines to ensure everyone
    can enjoy their stay without bothering their neighbors. That way, we’ll all have a blast!
    Attending an RV show is the highlight of every camping trip, but it can also be rather
    daunting. We have outlined 15 Things to Know Before You Go to an RV Show to
    help you get the most out of your time at an RV show.

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