If you purchased an RV today, what would your budget be?


I’ve been saving for this my whole life.
Something family-friendly.
A practical amount.
I’m not really looking to invest too much.

My ideal home would be…


A mansion
A single-family home
I’m open to different options.

When I travel, I like to…


Relax more at the hotel.
Stay in a central location near all the sights.
See it all, but stick to a budget.
Bring all my toys.

When it comes to an RV…


I need something easy to drive.
I have a flatbed truck that I can use to tow it.
I have my own car that I can use to tow it.
I just want to drive away in it.

When it comes to amenities…


I enjoy the simple things in life.
I love to upgrade.
I want to have nice things, but I get sticker shock.
I have to think of what’s best for my family.